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Painting lessons

Learn how to create your own masterpiece with paint. In the 3 hour classes, we will start from the basics and travel to more complex artworks, everyone going at their own pace. Adults of all ages and levels of experience are welcome in these classes. The lessons are intended to inspire people to explore their own artistic expression. The lessons take place at Jubilee Evans studio in South End with a lovely 180 degree view of the harbour and sea. Tea and coffee is included.


Online Art lessons

Jubilee Evans has been teaching painting and art lessons for 4 years.

She is now offering art lessons online, for those of you who want to develop and grow your creativity!


Topics covered in the lessons: 

The Elements of Art

The Principles of Art

Visual Journals

And more!

Contact her and receive your 

first lesson FREE  

Kids Art Classes

Look out for Holiday workshops

During the holidays Jubilee offers art lessons for children. Follow her on Instagram or Facebook to stay updated or contact her now to find out more information.

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